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Car bar led lights, which is good for cooling
Jul 11, 2018

Nowadays, in the automotive aftermarket, especially in the automotive headlights market, which kind of headlights are the hottest? Anyone who pays attention to the lighting of cars will know that, of course, it is already the car led bar lights! Car bar led lights have been available in the last few years. Why are they so popular this year?

1. Car led bar lights have more and more obvious advantages over traditional halogen bulbs.

2. Some luxury and high-end cars are equipped with car led bar lights, which are increasingly adopted by car factories.

3. The cost performance of LED lamp beads has been continuously improved, which can meet the requirements of car lighting.

4. Customers are not satisfied with the existing automobile lighting and want to replace the higher quality lighting equipment; Still some car friend pursue individual character, want to change the car lamp to look better.

5. The country has been promoting LED energy-saving and environmental protection for some time. 

Some car owners want to replace their lights with car LED bar lights.

Although many cyclists want to put our car headlights for car led bar towns, but also some don't know how to choose, a lot of car led bar towns now on the market, prices are of variable quality, how can we choose? There are many advantages to replace car led bar lights, but the led lights will get hot. If the product has poor heat dissipation design, there will be serious light failure problem. 

How can we avoid such products?

Car led bar lights on the market, there are fan cooling (active cooling), copper belt cooling (passive cooling), aluminum parts cooling (passive cooling), which is good? What kind of car is suitable for you?

Car bar led lights why do I do fan cooling, you do copper strip cooling, he does aluminum cooling? Three kinds of heat dissipation from the principle, are feasible, there is no good or bad! Three different heat dissipation modes, the purpose only has one: according to the structure and performance of the product to choose the best heat dissipation mode!