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Car factory also USES different car led bar lights packaging to meet different environmental requirements
Jul 11, 2018

LED packaging applications with different requirements vary with the application layer. Car factory also USES different car led bar lights packaging to meet different environmental requirements. According to different brightness requirements, it can be divided into three different requirements: indicating, lighting and projection. Indication light seen in the third brake lights, tail lights group (tail lights, brake lights, lights, etc.), side lights, such as its light source output lumens value is low, the power is low, about 70 mw, 200 mw, the heat generated by the effects on encapsulation body is small, thus ignore the impact of heat on the packaging.

The resin materials are directly used to cover the whole body for packaging. Because the thermal conductivity of the resin is low (W/mK), the relevant thermal resistance will increase to 50-200k /W due to the difficulty in heat dissipation. Power and lighting light source, the packaging will be relatively increased, in addition to using the light source can be applied to indicate the class of the product, can also be used in the day of high brightness requirements before the lights, fog lamps, turn signals, etc., but also because of the loss power increase (about) in 1-5 W power, car led bar lights heat dissipation part cannot as indicator light does not consider the cooling problem, in addition to the resin materials packaging still need to use metal hot export in order to maintain the efficiency of light, its thermal resistance remain under 15 k/W; And projection light source is a light source, the highest encapsulation brightness requirements, its application products according to the system before (far light, close lamp, fog lamps, etc.) and its monomer packaging should be in more than 4 W, and on the thermal resistance should be less than 5 k/W, to ensure that the engine room to maintain under the high temperature of the cooling capacity, car led bar lights and keep the light output efficiency within the available.

Car bar led lights are the new luxury of car lights. The design of led headlights is an important technology.

Car led bar towns on nature with the advantages of small volume, when applied to the front lamps and lanterns is more to be able to narrow the volume of the whole lamps and lanterns, car led bar lights further give up precious engine space and other related equipment, with the halogen bulbs of existing or discharge type bulb design of lamps and lanterns is total length of about 300 mm, and on the design of concept cars, led lamps and lanterns is only 125 mm long. By the advantages of small size, it can cooperate with the design of many different types of modeling design, so as to create different visual perception for the car body modeling, jumping off the circular design of traditional lamps and lanterns.