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Car led headlight H7 installed how to find astigmatism?
Jul 11, 2018

Some Car owners said that they found the problem of astigmatism after installing the Car led headlight H7. At present, part of the problem can be solved by rotating certain angles.

Why the problem of astigmatism?

It is mainly attributed to the reason of Car led headlight H7 luminescence point and lampshade. Most of the original cars of Car models are halogen or xenon lamps, which belong to 360-degree luminescence. There will be little adjustment. At present, most leds on the market glow on two sides, so the light emitted will have a certain dead Angle. So you have astigmatism.

Car led headlight H7 is not consistent with the original Car led headlight H7 focus:

In addition, the LED light emitting point is not consistent with the original car light emitting point, resulting in non-concentrated light. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the light bulb so that the luminescent point and the original vehicle reflector reflect the direction of correspondence, to achieve the effect of concentrated light.

Simply put, the original car's reflector cover reflects light from left to right. Our LED chip must be aligned to the left and right. The LED chip must be pointed left and right. (most of the cars are reflective enclosures for the left and right, with few up and down, and the other one is reflective at corners of 45 degrees or 60 degrees.)

Let's start with the function of LED. Car LED headlight H7 is used for automobile lighting. How about paving effect is the most basic. When people talk about leds, what comes to mind first? Is energy saving, energy saving is also represents a low power and low energy consumption, but low energy consumption, low power and can not explain the leds as halogen lamp and xenon lamp, halogen lamp power is great, but the brightness is not high, the owners are not satisfied with halogen lamp lighting effect, in the future as a Car LED headlight H7 is necessarily to be eliminated. Why LED will become the future development trend? In addition to energy saving, relatively high safety factor, long life, high brightness, good paving effect and strong plasticity of LED light source are the main reasons. In summary: low power, high brightness, and good paving effect, is a good LED lamp.