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Car led headlight H7 is the largest market of automotive lighting in the future
Jul 11, 2018

Car led headlight H7 is the largest potential market for future automotive lighting with a maximum profit of 200%. Therefore, it is easy to achieve 1 billion in the Car Styling light market. In previous years, large scale application of headlamps has not been formed due to the difficulty of high-power heat dissipation technology. As the most high-end application of Car led headlight H7 in the automotive lighting field, its segment industry is still in its infancy internationally. At present, only audi A8L, buick lacrosse and other top models are equipped with Car Styling light. GLII's latest automotive LED report shows that LED headlamps are less than 1% permeable. With teda development T series of Car led headlight H7 heat dissipation technology difficult problem well resolved, the market will be more and more widely used, at the same time the market retail price to consumers expectations of a new round of Car led headlight H7 modified boom comes!

Compared with the halogen lamp, both of them also reduce the power, and the brightness is increased 3-4 times. The light failure and life are both greatly improved. Actually through the comparison between the two can be found that the Car led headlight H7 have more advantages than the xenon lamp and has more development prospect (compared to the previous articles have introduced in detail, here is no need to do), the Car led headlight H7 compared with xenon lamp, lower power, LED lamps, 100-120 lumens per watt, luminous efficiency and only 80 lumens per watt xenon lamp is highest, thus to achieve the same brightness, Car led headlight H7 can be made with lower power and reduce energy consumption.

Car led headlight H7 life generally achieved 30000 hours, and xenon lamp is 5000 hours generally, so the Car led headlight H7's service life is longer, even you don't need to be replaced within the service life of the vehicle headlamps, it compared with halogen lamp to worry too much. So what's left is the problem of light decay.