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Car led headlights Fog lamp design essentials
Jul 11, 2018

LED is no stranger to consumers, has been widely used in the Car, according to the different performance requirements to choose the appropriate LED products, Car LED headlights Fog lamp compared with the traditional light source besides appearance different, efficiency of output type and light output is very different, when applied to the head lamp will face different from traditional such as optical design and thermal design of lamps and lanterns design concept. 

However, because it is different from the traditional light source, when it successfully integrates with the vehicle body to overcome the technical difficulties, it will create a new design concept for the vehicle model.

Car headlights led Fog lamp has been widely used in related lighting or indication light source inside the Car and the Car dashboard lights, Car dome light, make up lights, welcome lamp, etc., to the outside of the Car's tail lights, turn around, back light, the third brake light and so on are visible to the related application of the led.

Car led headlights Fog lamp design essentials:

From the application history of LED, as early as 1992, there was a precedent of LED applied to the third brake lamp. 

In 2000, it was further applied to taillights, steering lights and brake lights. In 2002, audi A8 took the lead in placing LED light source in the front lamp as a daily light, opening the imagination space of designers and engineers in the front lamp. The concept car with LED as the source of headlight can be seen in many international auto shows later.

Car led headlights Fog lamp design essentials:

Car headlights led Fog lamp has the advantages of small volume on congenital more when applied to the front lamps and lanterns to be able to narrow the volume of the whole lamps and lanterns, further give up precious engine space and other related equipment, with the halogen bulbs of existing or discharge type bulb design of lamps and lanterns is total length of about 300 mm, and on the design of concept cars, Car led headlights Fog lamp and lanterns is only 125 mm long. By the advantages of small size, it can cooperate with the design of many different types of modeling design, so as to create different visual perception for the car body modeling, jumping off the circular design of traditional lamps and lanterns.