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Car led Signal lights are only popular with consumers
Jul 11, 2018

Consider the other components that make up a Car led lights lamp called the case. The outer shell ACTS as the mixed light and protective layer of LED lighting decoration, which will also affect the effect and life of the product. Different materials used, anti - aging, anti - ultraviolet, anti - impact properties will be very different, the processing technology of materials will be different, there will be a large price difference.

Car led Signal the brightness of the towns, the life is affected by temperature is very big, but the Car led Signal lights at work when the temperature reached 80-120 ℃, so the heat dissipation is very important, is now in the market of Car led Signal lights the cooling pattern on the whole of the product is two kinds, one kind is using copper powder tropical heat dissipation, another kind is to use the fan for cooling, two ways have their own advantages, in the few compared, the following main said price comparison. The market price of copper is more expensive for tropical and they need to be woven, after installation to ensure the cooling effect in the bulk of tropical need to be able to expand as far as possible, therefore also need special weaving process. Fan mainly pay attention to life and speed, we also know that something is done, the less he the greater the difficulty, Car led Signal lights fan needs to be done is small, at the same time to ensure the long life and high speed, it takes a lot of technology, the teda appliances used Car led Signal lights a cooling fan is used double ball rotor, solid lubricant, page 9 pieces of the wind, to ensure the cooling fan of the long life, high speed, stable speed, the effect of the mute.

Car led Signal lights price gap analysis: comprehensive above, believe that by Car led Signal lights price difference analysis of Car led Signal lights why the price gap so disparity also have their own opinion, is of course the more expensive the better, anyone's guess, believe that a high cost performance Car led Signal lights in order to get the favour of consumers