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Car led Signal lights are promising
Jul 11, 2018

As international luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota and ford have launched new models with all-car led Signal lights, especially Toyota of Japan. Car led Signal lights will be more widely used. At the international auto show, Car led Signal lights will also be one of the most dazzling products, and domestic Car manufacturers are expected to focus on the development and production of Car led Signal lights in 2016. With the continuous improvement of Car led Signal lights product technology and wide application of chips, Car led Signal lights will develop in a safer and more intelligent direction in the future.

In addition, in the context of the global low carbon environmental protection, North America, the European Union and other countries have announced a ban, cutoff incandescent lamp and xenon lamp, Car led Signal towns demand will gradually rise. At the same time, domestic brands will start to choose Car led Signal lights in order to compete in the high-end market. Especially in the pure electric car market, the prospects are even greater.

First, let's talk about the composition of Car led Signal lights, and then analyze them term by term.

General Car led Signal towns by the led light-emitting element and the driver of the match, and light distribution components, fixed and protect the luminous component parts, and will be connected to the branch circuit of the appliance parts, simple point said basically consist of led components, PCB, shell.

LED chip quality, packaging technology, stand different, price difference is very big. Car led Signal towns chip manufacturer price is different also, generally to Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea chip factory price is quite high, Taiwan and the mainland chip manufacturers price is much lower, Car led Signal towns also influence prices by the size of the chip, the greater the size, the higher the price, different size of Car led Signal towns luminescence brightness chip, but its life is completely different, because chip per unit area of the greater the power the shorter life, this is also the same brightness leds price is not the same reason.