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Car led Signal lights dissipate heat
Jul 11, 2018

We know there are three basic methods of heat dissipation: 1: conduction 2: convection 3: radiation.

Car led lights are on the market now, with fans (active cooling), copper (passive cooling) and aluminum (passive cooling). 

Which is better? What kind of car is suitable for you?

Car led Signal lights why do I do fan cooling, you do copper strip cooling, he does aluminum cooling? Three kinds of heat dissipation from the principle, are feasible, there is no good or bad! Three different heat dissipation modes, the purpose only has one: according to the structure and performance of the product to choose the best heat dissipation mode!

Whether the fan dissipates heat, the copper belt dissipates heat, or the aluminum piece dissipates heat, it needs to conduct heat. 

First, the heat of LED lamp beads is transmitted to the bottom of the lamp head. The fan makes the air convection, increases the air flow heat dissipation. The copper belt and aluminum parts radiate heat into the air by the copper belt and aluminum parts.

Car led Signal lights have a problem with the small space available in the back! To be able to install and install simply, the Car led Signal lights can't be too big! The volume is large, the heat dissipation is solved, but it is not easy to install or install, there is no market for such products. 

The biggest problem with Car led Signal lights is the design of cooling structures and the use of materials! If the heat dissipation structure design is not reasonable and the material is not well used, the lamp bead brightness will decay very quickly, the service life will be seriously reduced, and it will also affect the safety of driving.

Through the above analysis, the fan can heat both conduction, convection and radiation. Copper belt and aluminum only conduction and radiation heat dissipation!