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Car led Signal lights price difference analysis
Jul 11, 2018

I believe many customers will always have such concerns when they learn about Car led Signal lights. It is also Car led Signal lights. In response to the huge price difference of Car led Signal lights, which also caused some users' doubts and dissatisfaction, this article has been specially compiled to answer your questions.

First, let's talk about the composition of Car led Signal lights, and then analyze them term by term.

General Car led Signal towns by the led light-emitting element and the driver of the match, and light distribution components, fixed and protect the luminous component parts, and will be connected to the branch circuit of the appliance parts, simple point said basically consist of led components, PCB, shell.

Car led Signal towns product all electronic circuit on the PCB board, PCB material and processing technology will directly affect the quality of the product and life, circuit board material points all glass fiber, glass fiber, paper board. The technology is divided into single side, double side, multi-layer, bare copper, tin plating, etc. Car led Signal lights are made of different materials and technologies, which will also affect the welding quality in the later stage. Welding technology and materials also affect the stability and life of products, which also result in a large price difference.

The same Car led lights leds make products of very different quality and prices. Products that seem to be of similar brightness vary greatly in price because of their stability in quality and their longevity.