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Choose the Car led headlight H7 winter driving safety more secure
Jul 11, 2018

Car led headlight H7 technology improves vehicle owner and pedestrian safety

The traditional halogen lighting produces a low color rendering index (CRI<25) and distorts the driving environment, while Car led headlight H7 provides a higher color rendering index (bbcri b0 70) and a better visual effect. Halogen lamp because of its low color rendering index, can lead to road pavement slant yellow, obviously caused by the owner the tired of driving at night.

Safety fatigue (night)

According to the laws of nature, the night driving of drivers need higher alertness, higher request for Car headlight H7 led lighting, and appropriate high temperature (4000 k to 6500 k) to drive at night driver inhibit the secretion of melatonin, not easily get sleepy feeling, at the same time the Car led headlight H7 adopts high colour temperature can obviously increase the efficiency of the lamps and lanterns.

Under the same brightness, Car led headlight H7 adopts products with high color temperature (usually from 4000K to 6500K) and color rendering index to optimize the driving vision. Such as the 2700 k halogen lamp, low color rendering index may cause the "distortion" of the environment. Under the 6000K color temperature Car led headlight H7, road visibility and object detection were improved.

The Car led headlight H7 and winter driving safety

Car led headlight H7 system design with the appropriate level and light the screen brightness, can provide excellent in snow conditions for the driver object detection and contrast, the reflection of light scattering in the snow-covered road performance can increase the brightness and light up the road. Parking lots and roads are usually cleared of snow, but because of the reflective nature of the white surface, the ambient light level increases, which is conducive to improving the safety of driving at night and winter.