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A Couple Of Ways To Tell You What To Do When You're Distracted By Car led headlights Fog lamp
Jul 11, 2018

Car led headlights Fog lamp is one of the important function of Car, compared with the low beam lights, Car led headlights Fog lamp light parallel injection, concentrated light and brightness is bigger, can take the object of higher and further, to the driver's line of sight at night there is a lot of help. But now there are still a lot of a lot of people in society abuse Car led headlights Fog lamp, I think no matter who encountered by Car led headlights Fog lamp shake when youdao is endless pain and irritation, today we can say is other vehicles Car led headlights Fog lamp to how to deal with.

One: being dangled in front of the car

1. Develop your eyes as quickly as possible

Because the eyes to see a strong light the pupil instantly narrowed, and restore to see things in the dim light requires a long time, so in the other Car led headlights Fog lamp vehicles passing each other with you after you will find that the road ahead even under the irradiation of headlight also is very dark, can't see. Therefore, when we find the vehicle in front of us with a far light, we should try to avoid developing the light spot as much as possible. Although it is also dazzling, it can alleviate the observation on the road after it is restored to the darkness. 

My personal experience is that you can look at the right side of the road in front of you, so you don't have to be swayed and you can see some of the road.

Flash a few Car led headlights Fog lamp to remind the other side, do not open Car led headlights Fog lamp for counterattack

While doing this, use your left hand to turn off the Car led headlights Fog lamp by flicking the Car led headlights Fog lamp switch. But not everyone is going to shut them down. Maybe they don't know they're driving Car led headlights Fog lamp. In this case, we also don't long drive Car led headlights Fog lamp to fight each other, but also might cause the other person's eyes become blind, he also can't see your side of the situation, both to the Car can't see the other side is a very terrible thing!