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Although The Car Led Headlights Fog Lamp Costs Continue To Drop
Jul 11, 2018

At present, the scale of domestic automotive LED only accounts for about 15% of the market of automotive light source, and it is mainly concentrated in high-end car applications. Although the Car led headlights Fog lamp costs continue to drop, but to do with the traditional light source, also need to gradually improve on the quality and yield, to reduce the cost of the led expansion of led automotive electronic market share.

High cost is not slow down the Car led headlights Fog lamp are the only factor used in automotive electronics, some technical performance also need to solve the problems, such as a single led light intensity is still inadequate, it will not be able to reduce the number of leds at to reduce the size of our lamps and lanterns; Smaller volume does not favor the light heat dissipation at the same time, this would require the LED manufacturer to do the thermal management of products, to the advantage of LED to the more fully, no matter for the life of the LED or play color can provide a better state, otherwise can only be counterproductive, Car led headlights Fog lamp reduces the product quality; The conversion efficiency of LED drive system is also a key problem at present. 

In high-power application, many schemes have low conversion efficiency while considering the cost. At present our country Car headlights led Fog lamp used in automotive electronic belong to high-end cars, and high-end Car are mostly in foreign auto makers to control, foreign manufacturers of led and certification of supplier selection is very strict, led domestic enterprises difficult to enter the supply chain; Have our Car led headlights Fog lamp production level most still stays at the request of the civil product range, it is difficult to reach the standard level Car application, even at some manufacturers may produce the Car level application ability and ensure product consistency is not enough, it is difficult to meet the demand of large quantities of high quality production cars.