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Car Led Headlights Fog Lamp Cannot Replace The Traditional Headlights
Jul 11, 2018

Affected by the market downturn inertia last year, the national automobile market production and sales continue to be weak this year. According to the Chinese Car led headlights Fog lamp industry association's latest statistics show that domestic passenger Car in 1-5 off sales of 6.3407 million and 633.33 million respectively, output grew by 7.05% year on year, sales rose 5.48% year-on-year, auto makers to further increase the pressure on stocks.

According to relevant market forecast 2014 growth will fall by 5% - 5%, lights and other auto parts market growth is as the automobile sales market changes and changes, the auto market downturn means lamp market slump will continue for a period of time. The domestic market is expected to grow by around 5% this year, including traditional lights and Car led headlights Fog lamp.

In the short term, Car led headlights Fog lamp cannot replace the traditional headlights. There will be no big explosion in the headlights Fog lamp market, and the growth of Car led headlights Fog lamp is looking to replace the traditional headlights. But in the domestic market, Car led headlights Fog lamp penetration rate is not ideal.