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Car Led Headlights Fog Lamp Industry Status
Jul 11, 2018

The downturn in the overall Car market this year has left the nascent Car Led Headlights Fog Lamp market in a slump. "The car market experienced a blowout in 2009-10, which consumed more potential purchasing power. Some carmakers have adjusted their plans this year. Annual sales growth will slow to 5-10% in 2013, which will have an impact on auto lamp parts companies. 

Car Led Headlights Fog Lamp is facing unprecedented difficulties as the global economic downturn continues and the Car market slumps. Car Led Headlights Fog Lamp sales will drop considerably this year compared with last year.

According to the survey, only some middle - and high-end models currently use LED lighting. "

Car headlights led Fog lamp cost two or three times that of the traditional lights, some taking low-end populist line models, such as chery QQ Car profits of only 100 yuan, will they use a more expensive Car Led Headlights Fog Lamp." Industry insiders said.

Since 2008, a series of national policies to stimulate automobile consumption have rapidly led to the release of automobile demand. 

In 2009 and 2010, China's auto sales grew by 46% and 32% respectively. However, Car Led Headlights Fog Lamp excessive early consumption has consumed a lot of potential purchasing power, and the domestic car market has been in a downturn again since 2012.