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Car LED Headlights Fog Lamps Have A Penetration Rate Of Less Than 1 Percent
Jul 11, 2018

According to relevant data show that in 2012, auto LED exterior lighting earnings of $520 million, Car headlights LED Fog lamp earnings of $660 million, the global automotive lamp market is worth $14.9 billion, Car LED headlights Fog lamp permeability is only 7.9%.

For automobile manufacturers, the use of LED lighting is only a selling point, because LED energy saving, environmental protection, long life. 

If the car is equipped with LED lighting, it is equivalent to a high-end label. Car led headlights Fog lamp costs two to three times as much as a conventional headlamp, and if all the other costs of a Car are the same, that's more than the cost of the headlights, consumers will not like it. So Car led headlights Fog lamp is currently only used in some mid - and high-end models.

According to figures from the LED industry research institute, LED the car dashboard, backlight lighting switch, automotive reading lamp or looked up and display systems such as the internal application is relatively mature, the dashboard LED backlight has 100% use. 

Leds have also been used outside the car, in small areas such as integrated tail lights and brake lights. But in headlamps, which represent high-end technology, leds are still in their infancy.

Headlights Fog lamps are the biggest potential market for LED lighting in the future. A Car LED headlights Fog lamp costs between 5,000 yuan and 15,000 yuan, with a maximum profit of 200%. So it's easy to get to a billion in the Car led headlights Fog lamp market. Because of the difficulty of high-power heat dissipation technology, it will take a long time for large-scale application of headlamps. 

As the most high-end application of LED headlamp in the automotive lamp field, its segment industry is still in its infancy in the world. Currently, LED headlights are only available on top of audi A8L, buick lacrosse and other brands. Car LED headlights Fog lamps have a penetration rate of less than 1 percent, according to a new Car LED report.