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Car Styling Atmosphere Light Control Method
Jul 11, 2018

Today the Car Styling Atmosphere light have applications in many cars, especially some high-end models, Car Styling Atmosphere light because energy saving energy saving, long life characteristics of environmental protection, the assembly flexibility be valued by manufacturer of a broad LED lights, believe in the future with the progress of technology and the development of the market, the Car Styling Atmosphere light will get more extensive application. 

Here we will show you some methods to control Car Styling Atmosphere light:

1.Car Styling light current control

A fundamental problem with leds is that they are a device controlled by current and have a relatively low voltage drop. The simplest method is to use resistance limit the LED current, but this method is not suitable for the rated voltage of 12 v or 24 v battery system, because the actual voltage is 6 v battery to 18 v or 12 v to 36 v. Therefore, if the luminance needs to be maintained, constant current control must be carried out.

2. Linear control of Car Styling Atmosphere light current

Linear control is the use of a linear regulator to keep the current flowing through the LED constant. Linear control, in some cases, the efficiency is very low, for example, the forward voltage of 3.5 V 1 a single (3 W) LED, need regulator while maintaining the current 1 a will be rated 12 V power supply to 8.5 V, so use 3 wled will waste the power of 8.5 W. Linear current control is the least noisy technology, and from the perspective of EMC, linear current control is the safest.

3.Car Styling Atmosphere light switch type regulator

Although inductor switching constant current technology produces more electronic noise, its efficiency is higher. Depending on the number of leds used, you can use a step-down or step-down regulator.