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Domestic Car Led Headlights Fog Lamp Enterprises Want To Enter The Headlights Supply Chain
Jul 11, 2018

Different from Car led headlights Fog lamp mixed market, led lamp market have a perfect standards, at the same time also has the limitation of barriers to entry, compared to other market segments, the led lamp market more specification. 

According to the personage inside course of study introduces, domestic market of car lamp form a complete set is belonged to incomplete competition market, the form a complete set of car lamp product form a complete set mainly by the system inside existence interest to share a relation.

Most of the car manufacturers in China are state-owned enterprises with no shortage of money. They want to do everything, so they will use the form of joint venture companies or the way of profit sharing to provide their cars with components such as lights. 

Car led headlights Fog lamp companies are having a hard time getting into the market for led headlights in the near term. The present domestic several private vehicle companies such as chery, geely, is taken to many lights companies bidding procurement mode, for the domestic light the survival and development of the enterprise provides a certain space.

However, Car led headlights Fog lamp enterprises are still facing many obstacles to enter the market. "Car led lights Fog lamp and Car lamps belong to two different industries. The production system and standard system are different. 

Second, the LED lights for shock and thermal technical indicators, such as demand is very high, the Car LED headlights Fog lamp products within short time also on the stability and safety to meet the factory standards. Domestic Car led headlights Fog lamp enterprises want to enter the headlights supply chain, it will take some time.