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If The Rear Of The Vehicle Car led headlights Fog lamp To
Jul 11, 2018

If the rear of the vehicle Car led headlights Fog lamp to, this time using anti glare rearview mirror is the best solution, automatically open the switch, manual need to use rearview mirror at the bottom of the small button switch, this is the fastest the most effective solution.

Give the rear car prompt under safety condition

If continue to drive the Car after the led headlights Fog lamp shook, and is frequently flashing Car led headlights Fog lamp, can adopt the way of continuous brake to tip of the Car, but don't have a vengeful to one foot on the brakes, it will endanger themselves and others, point now. You can also use a rear Fog lamp or a double flash, but don't overdo it if the Car behind you continues to drive the Car led lights headfog lamp.

Let it go

Some things are "not to be taunted hide to afford", if the other party or ignore the za is steadfast and lines, let each other in the past, for your own safety, and then to keep a good mentality to face, don't have a vengeful and competitive spirit. Let the rear car pass. Don't fight back. Let him go.

Car led headlights Fog lamp attacks are common in the following situations.

1. On roads without street lamps or on very dark roads;

2. In the section with less vehicles at night;

3. Bad visibility weather;

The highway at night.

Above situation often Car led headlights Fog lamp "attack", and it is also hard to avoid driving at night, especially at night of highway, it is very uncomfortable, even though that may be hard to avoid has the central isolation belt but part, a bright light to illuminate a few seconds, after the journey immediately return to the darkness, can let a person very helpless. If you have astigmatism or other discomfort in your eyes, try to avoid driving at night and minimize eye damage.