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Which Color Temperature Is The Best Selected For Car Styling Atmosphere Light?
Jul 11, 2018

Let's first understand what color temperature is. Color temperature is the most common said light source spectrum quality index, color temperature in absolute temperature (K), is to a standard blackbody (such as platinum) heated, the temperature rises to a certain degree of color began to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo blue purple, violet, gradual change, using the change characteristics of light color, the Car Styling Atmosphere light of the light source of the light color and black color at the same time, we call the temperature of the blackbody at that time the light source color temperature.

Because the color temperature is different, the color of light is also different. 

For example, when the color temperature is 4000K, the color of light is white with a little yellow. When the color temperature is 6000K, the color is white and close to natural light. When the color temperature is 10000K, the color of light appears light blue, which indicates that with the gradual increase of color temperature, the color of light is also gradually inclined to cool color, which is often called cold light. Different color temperatures correspond to different colors. Car Styling Atmosphere light has different color effects on human eyes from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (blue and purple). The sensitivity of the eyes varies strongly with wavelength.

Knowing the basic knowledge of color temperature, how much color temperature should we choose when selecting Car Styling Atmosphere light? 

First, learn the application of color temperature in Car Styling Atmosphere light. The color temperature of halogen lamp is 2300k-7000k (commonly 3000K). The color is yellow. The color temperature of xenon lamp is 4200-8000k (commonly used 4300K). The color of LED lamp is yellow. The color temperature of LED lamp is 3200k-15000k (commonly used 6000K). Color temperature is not a measure of light brightness, that is, color temperature and brightness are independent. Here you can see the lighting effects of different colors and temperatures.